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Christmas Decor Hacks

I don’t really consider myself a “crafty” person. Probably because I have no idea how to sew and most of the time the ideas and crafts I do are just replicas or based off what I see floating around Instagram and Pinterest. If i can do it with a hot glue gun, Im in! I love decorating and when the Holidays roll around I get the crafting itch. Im sharing a few Christmas decorating hacks Ive been taught over the years or recently tested out. 

christmas Full Tree: 

This one was shared with me a few years back and trust me it makes the world of a difference with tree decorating. Once you put your tree up and before putting anything on it, fill in the sparse ares with mesh ribbon. You will need a few rolls depending on the size of your tree and coordinate with your color theme. Take the roll and cut pieces off about 2ft in length and stuff into the bare areas, wrapping in and out of branches. Really no rhyme or reason to it, just what looks good to you. Step back and look as you go. Once you have all the areas filled and as full as you’d like you can start with the ornaments.  


Tree Skirt:

There are so many cool ideas for non traditional tree skirts floating around out there. My favorite thus far is the galvanized barrel look. Last year we searched high and low for one without having to pay the huge price tag. No luck. Thankfully a handy husband cut out the bottom of a tin from Home Depot and tree skirt I had. Luckily for those without a handy man they are easily accessible this year here and here.

Other fun ideas are using baskets or olive buckets as a skirt. The key is finding one that fits the stand of the tree. I also use fun blankets to wrap around the base or put a smaller tree up on a crate or stool to create more height and texture. 


DIY Flocked Wreath/Tree:

This little craft idea has kind of created monster in me. Forever now I have wanted a full flocked tree, for those confused at what that is see here. I came across a super cute wreath on IG, immediately screen shot it, and now in the process of recreating it. The base is a basic pine wreath with “frosted” tips. I used white paint to “flock” my wreath but you can also purchase a spray snow. The flocking gives it a bit of a fancier look and tones down the green so it doesn’t look so fake. You could use the same technique on an artificial tree if you’re feeling ambitious. 


 So now I want to paint all the things. 

 Do you have a decorating hacks?


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