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Christmas card book

evmb45-300x300editOne of my favorite things about Christmas is giving and receiving Christmas card. I still love hand writing all the address on each card and although our list get longer every year and my hand cramps and hurts after, I still love it! A growing list of family and friends to send it to every year is a good problem to have. I like to think that when I send or give people a Christmas card that they realize that we still think of them, that they matter and that they are worth whatever it cost to make the card and postage. I see it as an opportunity to re-connect and to re-affirm to those I send the cards to that I am thinking of them over the busy holiday season.

One rule I have about Christmas card is, well since the picture card thing became popular…I never post the picture I’m using on my card on any social media. I think it’s nice to see a picture you haven’t seen yet when you receive the card, a little element of surprise. I know I’m a dork 🙂

Well back to why i am writing this post. Like I mentioned I love receiving Christmas card as much as I love sending them. About two years ago I really felt like throwing the cards away after the holidays was wasteful and I really felt bad. So i thought long and hard on how I can preserve those cards and here’s what I came up with.

I decided to make a book with all the Christmas cards we received from that year. Here’s how I did it!

what you will need….

christmas card book

Christmas cards we received that year. I even saved the thank you cards the teachers sent home with the kiddos.

I had strips of Christmas fabrics 6 pieces or ribbons (seriously use what you have)

2- loose leaf or book rings. the size will depend on how much cards you have. i used 2″

hole puncher


christmas card book

I sorted the card out by size to keep like sizes together


christmas card book

starting with the smallest card as a guide I punched two holes as far apart as possible on the spine on the card. These holes will determine where your rings will go. I used this card as a guide for the hole location for the rest of the cards. Remember to try and keep the holes evenly spaced out on the cards edges.


once you have a few  done, stack the cards on the rings. One ring per hole of the card…it should start to look like a book after a few cards.

When the last card is on your ring (I have added their letters from Santa and their picture with him from that year at the end) close the clasp.

christmas card book

Use the ribbons, fabric or tulle you might have to decorate and cover the part of the rings that are not covered with cards.

christmas card book

You can now enjoy your newest coffee table book. I love leaving it our for people to look through and if not this stores really well too for next year. Seeing how much the cards and the people have change in a year is always fun.

christmas card book

I hope that I have inspired you to save those Christmas cards. I would be happy if you shared how you save your cards or maybe how you don’t save them at all. Either way comment below and let me know maybe why you do or don’t like Christmas card. I hope you make it a great day!

XoXo, Roe



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