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November 11th is Veterans Day. Usually this means packing up the kids and heading to one of the many events here in Arizona to watch all the amazing displays and participants march or roll on by. Veterans day is different than other military service centered holidays we celebrate, such as Memorial Day or Armed Forces Day.

Veterans Day is about those who have served in the armed forces and those who have stood next to their fellow Soldier, Marine, Airmen, or Sailor in harms way in defense of us all at home. The majority of living Veterans have volunteered to serve our country, and willingly raise their hand. We often forget that because of these men and women who choose to serve, we don’t have to. To me these celebrations are important for my children to see that the American people love our Veterans for all that they have given us, by sacrificing so much. 

Other than going to a parade or other event, how do you really thank someone who has allowed our freedoms to continue for so long? For starters if you see one, smile and say thank you! Sometimes we feel like we need to do more, and thats okay too. Just keep in mind that many Veterans are tremendously prideful. So if you see a Veteran at a restaurant and you want to pick up his check, do it discreetly. My husband says he doesn’t like it when all the attention is on him when he is somewhere in his uniform (hubba hubba). There are also many charities that we can pitch in to help out veterans who are having a difficult time transitioning from military service to civilian life. 

Top Charities that support our Veterans

Hubby says one of the things that warms his heart the most is when he sees so many prideful Americans displaying the flag outside, everyday. Our country is the greatest thanks to the men and women who protect it, and the flag is a lot more than some polyester nylon blend and colors. 

Remember WHY you have the day off and do something that makes it meaningful.

THANK YOU to ALL of our Arizona Veterans!


Celebrations around the East Valley:

Town of Gilbert– Nov 10th 11am

East Valley Veterans Parade- Nov 11th 11am Downtown Mesa (see link here for more info)

City of Tempe Parade– Nov 11th 10am

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