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Self-Love September sponsored by Luxe Salon & Spa: Choose Happy

“You are the most influential person you will talk to all day.” – Zig Ziglar That quote from Ziggy hits home.  Thoughts are very powerful, especially negative thinking.  I grew up hearing “No Stinking Thinking” constantly and I am forever grateful that I did! I want you to think about those in your life who […]

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Self-Love September sponsored by Luxe Salon & Spa: Look on the Bright Side

There are lots of little things we can do to take care of ourselves. Some of the things my fellow contributors have written about are things I also enjoy – reading, journaling, craft projects, volunteering, solo Target trips where you wander the aisles as slow as possible with a latte in hand. You get the […]

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Self-Love September sponsored by Luxe Salon & Spa: Being a Good Role Model

What does being a good role model have to do with self-love?  Everything!  It starts with YOU.  By loving yourself, you teach your children the importance of self-worth which is the first step to living a happy and successful life. Let’s take a look at healthy living first.  This one is important because your health […]

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Self-Love September sponsored by Luxe Salon and Spa : Making time for YOU!

As moms we tend to put everyone else first.  It’s a selfless act of love to our husbands, partners, children, friends, or family. But it’s time to make time for YOU! Why Self-Care Is Important Fact: it is imperative to take time to yourself for self-care.  Self-care is any intentional actions you take to care for your physical, […]

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