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Pregnancy After Twins

So you all might remember a little post I wrote back in September entitled, “I’m a Quitter,” in which I confessed to being a smoker and shared with you my desire to quit.  Well, you should know that it has been 4 months and 9 days and I am still going strong.  Of course, that’s […]

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Happy International Babywearing Week!

Happy…what? International Babywearing Week! A whole week devoted to snuggling, cuddling, hoisting and lugging around our little (and not so little) darlings! What is babywearing? It’s simply the act of holding/carrying a baby or young child in some form of baby carrier. I was first introduced to babywearing when my first son, Beckett, was born. […]

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Slow down mama!

  I’m going to start by being totally transparent, after all, that’s how you’ll get to know me best! I had no clue what to write for my first post. I’m not a fitness junkie, a super-crafty DIY’er, an uber-creative and stylish person, and the fact that I always have ketchup in the fridge should […]

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