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Tale of the Time Out

My daughter as a toddler.  Such a cherubic little face, sweet, impossible of any harm.  It’s unbelievable to imagine that seconds after taking this picture, she hauled off and hit her mommy. We were in a music class where all the other children were happily dancing around in a circle.  My daughter did not want […]

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Surviving Baby’s First Haircut {Guest Post} by Juliana Weiss-Roessler

Please welcome Juliana Weiss-Roessler all the way from Texas!  She has some great advice for your little ones first haircut! The timing for this milestone varies widely – some babies are ready for it at 8 months and others can hold out until they’re 2 or older. But whenever it happens, your baby’s first hair […]

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Teething, What Works For You?

My youngest son is 28 months old, yes I had to count that on my fingers because normally I just say “two”. Exactly two years ago he and I traveled home to see my family in Northern California and his stubborn little self decided it was time to cut his first teeth at just 4 […]

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