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Intervention Free Birthing: Resources for a more natural childbirth in Phoenix’s East Valley

Pregnancy and childbirth are natural occurrences, so I shy away from even using the common term “natural childbirth” (as if some births are… unnatural? Supernatural?) But whatever you call it, it is safe to say moms would like their baby to be born with as few medical interventions as possible. While birth is an unpredictable […]

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Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

Summer Pregnancy Survival Tips

Have you entered the giveaway for dinner with AZ Momtourage yet? It’s not too late, head on over! The closing date is March 8 so you still have some time (change from previous closing date.) The weather is warming up! Are you ready for it? My baby is now 7 months old and just thinking […]

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2nd pregnancy | East Valley Moms Blog

Pregnancy After Twins

So you all might remember a little post I wrote back in September entitled, “I’m a Quitter,” in which I confessed to being a smoker and shared with you my desire to quit.  Well, you should know that it has been 4 months and 9 days and I am still going strong.  Of course, that’s […]

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Happy International Babywearing Week!

Happy…what? International Babywearing Week! A whole week devoted to snuggling, cuddling, hoisting and lugging around our little (and not so little) darlings! What is babywearing? It’s simply the act of holding/carrying a baby or young child in some form of baby carrier. I was first introduced to babywearing when my first son, Beckett, was born. […]

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