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Let’s Talk About….Poop!

Yes, poop.  I said, POOP!  It’s better than the alternative word, which thanks to my not-so-clean mouth, my 5 year old twins are very adept at using in context.  Sigh.  I try, I really do.  But seeing as though I am the klutziest chica on this earth and I am constantly running into walls, dropping […]

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Awesome East Valley locations to help make your birthday party planning a snap.

Piece of Cake Parties!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Nope, not Christmas – it’s birthday season. Well, for my family it is, at least.  I am obsessed with over the top birthday celebrations. By the time my kids have finished their birthday festivities, they are exhausted, and I look at that as a job well done. […]

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Shoelaces Are Evil

Shoelaces are Evil

Well, the first week and a half of school is complete.  Kindergarten.  I survived – – I mean they survived.  We weathered our first homework assignments and managed to make it on time each and every day.  So far there have been no outbreaks of strep throat, pink eye or lice.  I’d say we are […]

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Slow down mama!

  I’m going to start by being totally transparent, after all, that’s how you’ll get to know me best! I had no clue what to write for my first post. I’m not a fitness junkie, a super-crafty DIY’er, an uber-creative and stylish person, and the fact that I always have ketchup in the fridge should […]

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