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5 Simple Tips to Successfully Lose Weight

Have you ever tried a fad diet that promised a quick fix?  Someone comes out with an exciting new diet and we jump on board.  Most of these diets have people jumping right back off though.  They are usually too restrictive and unrealistic to follow for long periods of time.  Yes, some people do lose a good amount of weight […]

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Olympic Moms Hold Q & A panel at Skyline Aquatic Center

I recently attended a panel at the USA Swimming event held on Friday, April 17, 2014 in Mesa at the Skyline Aquatic Center. The yearly event was held to educate parents about the benefits of swimming and to encourage parents to consider swimming as a youth sport for their kids. My son is a multi-sport […]

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Amwell brings the providers to you!

East Valley Moms Blog has partnered with Amwell for this sponsored post!   Accidents happen. Especially with a  busy toddler that is PRONE to banging, bumping, and dinging. Recently, my rambunctious toddler was at an out of town tournament with her older brother in which she fell TWICE! Once back off of a chair and then forward horse […]

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