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Brows & Lash Game STRONG: Waxing the City Tempe

This post is sponsored by Waxing the City Tempe. While we were compensated to write this post, all opinions are our own.

rip As a blogger, I’m well aware of the majorly new beauty trend of strong brows and good lashes. Because I’m fair-skinned and blonde, I have kind- of, sort-of always lived under the guise that I could get away without eyebrow shaping since I don’t have any stray hairs or a real Brooke Shields situation happening. I also haven’t seen the best results around town with eyelash extensions so thought I’d stick with my DiorShow in Blue and call it a day. Come to find out…well, I was wrong, Way wrong.

Enter Waxing the City-Tempe. You may remember them as the sponsors of our Date Night back in the fall. They are the most gorgeous little studio conveniently located centrally in the East Valley on the northeast corner of Southern and McClintock in Tempe. Girls. It was so clean. Like I am Type A to the nines and bail at even the slightest sight of dust or subpar treatment rooms. This place is LEGIT! 

My appointment was with Jennifer, the owner and head esthetician. Of course, any Jennifer twin is an instant pal. But seriously, she was so sweet and immediately made me feel at ease. After going over my options, I opted for an eyebrow shaping and wait for it…eyelash tinting! Yep. Totally went for it, I know. She started with the eyebrow wax, and to my delight, I wasn’t in that bad of shape after all! She cleaned them up and kept the shape the same. Jennifer did some fancy measurements making sure I was as even on both sides as could be. Then she continued with the lash tint, which was quick and painless. 

I typically get overly red with any wax or hair removal, so I warned her. That’s what you are seeing in the “after” picture. But, promise, it didn’t hurt and the redness subsided quickly. My eyes look finished and more dramatic without adding a faux lash. I totally recommend a tint to all my Blondies and Red Heads. What a quick fix that totally makes look more alert & finished with no other makeup on. 

My experience at Waxing the City was fantastic. I highly recommend the two services I received and would go out on a limb to say I’ll definitely be back during bathing suit season!!! I loved the studio, climate and atmosphere. To all of our EVMB readers, check them out and tell them we sent you!!!


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