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The Best Starbucks Hacks from a Starbucksaholic

My name is Kelsey and I am a Starbucksaholic. I have Starbucks once a day and probably reload my gold card at least a few times a month. Sorry, not sorry (although I am sure my hubby would like it if I spent less money there)! Which got me thinking, I need to know the best hacks to Starbucks! How can I save time, money, or discover new things at my favorite place to go. Well, I am excited to say I got some major tips!

The Best Starbucks Hacks from a Starbucksaholic | East Valley Moms BlogGet light ice

if you ask for light ice you will get more drink, so if you are extra thirsty this is the way to go.

Ask for no water for an iced tea

 Iced tea is part tea and part water. If you are wanting to get more bang for your buck ask for no water and then you’ll have more refreshing tea to drink.

Download the Starbucks Mobile App

 This has made my life so much easier. You can reload your gold card and pay for your order all through the app. You can redeem your free drinks and save your favorite order or Starbucks location. You’ll also get a free drink on your birthday!

A smaller cup exists for hot drinks, it’s called a short!

You can get an espresso drink in a short size and it has one shot of espresso in it just like the tall size does. 

Get shots of espressos instead of a latte

Ask for however many shots you want and then add the flavoring and then milk. This will be less calories and less money too. Win, win!

Bring your own cup

Starbucks will get you 10 cents off your drink if you bring your own reusable cup to use. If you are an avid Starbucks lover like me, this can really add up to savings over time.

Everything tastes better with lemonade!

There are lots of iced teas and refresher flavors. But have you tried it with lemonade instead of water? My bet is that once asking for it with lemonade, you’ll never go back!

Ask for the extra when you add extra

If you want something added to your Frappuccino ask for the extra in a side cup. 

Iced coffees comes with classic syrup

 If you are just wanting a plain iced coffee with no sweetener in it, don’t forget to let the barista know. Or if you just want a strong iced drink opt for a cold brew instead!

Order your drink at kid temperature

I always have to wait awhile before I can drink my hot coffee because I don’t like burning my tongue. You can get your drink at kid temperature and it won’t come out burn-tonguing hot.

There is the same amount of espresso shots in a Grande as a Venti

This is totally backwards from what I thought, but a larger cup does not equal more caffeine. So now, I just order a Grande and still get the same amount of coffee fix.

Order your drink the right way

If you want to have the barista not ask you so many questions when ordering, start with the size, talled, grande, venti, trenta then if it is hot or iced, what the drink is, then any add-ones or changes to your order. 

Mobile Order. I repeat, mobile order!

Order your drink and food through the app. You can skip the line! If you are like me, I am usually in a hurry when I hit up the Bucks. Mobile order on your way, skip the line, and usually by the time you get inside your drink and food are ready and waiting for you.

I know us Starbucksaholic need all the help we can get! So you if think there are any great tips or tricks that I missed comment and let me know!

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