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Best Skin Care Tips Ever

You should have been doing it all along but life got in the way or you didn’t think it was that important. Well stop what you are doing and make changes right now. It’s not too late to start taking care of your skin. Taking care of your skin should be as essential as brushing your teeth or eating. It has fallen by the wayside for too many of us and it has to stop now!

Best Skincare Tips Ever

I have the best skin care tips ever. They won’t cost you too much money or time. These skin care tips are going to be a staple in your beauty routine before you know it. You won’t look back!

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Start From The Inside

This is a no brainer but it makes a huge difference. My mom didn’t impart any skin care or beauty tips to me. She smoked, drank, and was a sun worshipper. If you look at her today…you can tell. Her skins tell the story of her past. I don’t remember seeing my mom drink water or eat her veggies regularly.  I made sure to change that! I drink water all day long and eat my fruits and veggies at each meal. I can tell when I don’t drink enough water because I make enemies on my face. I can also see a difference in my natural glow if you will. Just remember that your skin will reflect what you are putting into your body.

Be Consistent

I can’t stress this enough. You know that glow I spoke of earlier? That will change if you are not consistent too. For example; I only wash my face with a simple cleanser and my Clarisonic device in the morning. I have a much more in depth routine at night when I am cleansing all my makeup away. I have found a routine that works for my skin and it’s worth the extra time it takes me. Not everyone will mimic my routine but once you find what works for you then stick to it!

Never Skip This Tip

If you wear makeup or any kind of product on your face WASH YOUR FACE before bed. Skipping this step can cause breakouts, dirty sheets, trap dirt into your pores, and make you one ugly woman in the morning! I shower in the morning so I use my nighttime routine to wind down and relax before bed. If you don’t want to spend too much time removing it then make it simple. At a minimum I recommend investing in makeup remover wipes and some micellar water. I use a round cotton pad to swipe my eye makeup away and then the makeup wipe to go over my whole face. I finish by going back over my whole face with micellar water. This last step will get any extra makeup left behind.

Always Use Moisturizer with SPF

You can’t get away from the sun’s rays but you can combat them by ALWAYS using an SPF. I prefer using higher SPF products because I have sun damage on face already. I was a tanning bed worshiper back in the day and I am paying for it now. Your moisturizer doesn’t have to cost a fortune. There are two wonderful brands at Target that I can’t get enough of. I need oil control during the day so I use Acure Oil Control moisturizer. At night I like to make sure I am replenishing any lost moisture so I use derma e Hydrating Night Cream. My moisturizer doesn’t have an SPF but my foundation has an SPF of 30. I highly recommend trying different products to see what works best for your skin type. Sephora is great for giving out samples or you can contact the individual company to ask for samples.

You may also need to switch your products for the summer and winter. For extra moisture I would recommend a thicker cream with Hydrating in the title. For the hot summer months I would recommend a BB or CC cream that gives moderate coverage but provides SPF and anti-aging qualities. If you are acne prone be sure to avoid products with any fragrance or any coconut derivative.  I have used SO many products to name all that I love. If you visit my Instagram account you can see how many products I use on a daily basis. Don’t judge!

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You are probably shaking your head and wondering what smiling has to do with beautiful skin. It’s OK. I am just passing on my number one secret and that is everyone is beautiful with a SMILE. It doesn’t change your skin but it makes you and the person you are interacting with feel awesome!

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