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Best of Pinterest: Valentine’s Day 2016

Best of Pinterest: Valentine's Day 2016

Best of Pinterest: Valentine’s Day 2016

As we all know, Pinterest is a slippery, sliding slope. One minute I’m browsing through my feed innocently, then the “suggested” pin of how to feed a family of six on $75 a month has me clipping coupons and grabbing the leftover turkey gravy from last fall to make a teddy bear shaped snack. Ha! Regardless, I am actually quite particular when it comes to crafts, recipes, decor and gifts on the fun website we have all grown to love. Here is a roundup of the absolute most stylish, feasible and perfect ideas for Valentine’s Day 2016!


Cotton Candy Pink & Glitter Nails

Nails: I’m a total manicure junkie! Over the past few years, I have gone a little overboard with the party nail trend and lately have tried to get back to basics. However, these are just too good to pass up.

Polka Dot Hearts

Nude with Tiny Heart

Pink and Glitter

Donut Hole Arrows

Donut Hole Arrows

Food: Less is more & less is more. I am totally 100% not the fancy food mom. Here are a few easy & basic treats that would work for a snack at home or a classroom party. Another great option is to TA DA-pick something up locally!  Barb’s Bakery makes the best cookies in town. They are located in central Phoenix but also available at AJ’s at Dana Park !

Donut Hole Arrows

Raspberry Tarts

Valentine Cheese Tray

Heart Shaped Eggs & Toast


“I’ve Had My Eye On You”

Classroom Valentines: I’ve linked a few on trend for 2016 ideas for boys & girls. Don’t go crazy, make sure your children are somehow involved, and let it go. I also am for happily handing out fun dip valentines from a box and ROCKING IT. There is a time and place to go for gold in the Pinterest mom department. IMHO now is decisively NOT the time. 


Magnifying Glass

Star Wars

Flower Lollipop

Candy Heart Jars

Candy Heart Jars

Teacher Gifts: Totally unnecessary but extremely thoughtful. I try my best to make our teachers a tiny treat a few holidays a year. This are simple enough and can probably be executed for around $5 each.  Last year I swung by to see our friends at the Petite Party Studio for some balloon wands which were a big hit.

Candy Jar



DIY Tablecloth

DIY Tablecloth

Decor: Until I became a mom, the Valentine’s Day Decor tub did not exist in my collection. But over the past few years, I’ve picked up or made a few things each year. My style is to do a small display on only one entry table. Here are some ideas I thought would give big impact without screaming “I went to tar-jay and loaded up!”

XO Tablecloth

Flower Wall

Kiss Balloons


Hearts Paper Chain

Crafts: Now this is the exact department where I need to check myself before I wreck myself. Last week at the craft store I literally had to put my basket down and leave the premises before I had V-day issues all over my craft table. In order to reign it in, I narrowed my projects down to using only what I already have at home.

Mail a Hug

Paper Chain

Cupid’s Arrows

Framed Valentine Hearts

Framed Valentine Hearts

Husband/Dad Gifts: Here are some decent ideas I came across, although a handwritten love letter is probably the way to go.  

Beer Flowers

Heart Shaped Hamburger

Framed Hearts

Found on Pinterest: Fashion Forward Valentine's Day Look

Found on Pinterest: Fashion Forward Valentine’s Day Look

Outfits: I saved the BEST for last, mommas! I’ve rounded up some cute ideas for outfits for you ladies. Personally, I’m totally that mom that will be matching my three year old in Wildfox sweatshirts from Garage Boutique. Check my instagram February 14th for OOTD.  

Tshirt Black Jeans Accessories

Heart Tshirt, Sunnies

Bombshell Red Dress

Striped Silky Pajamas

Whatever you are doing to celebrate the ones that you love, I know it will be done with a full heart and lots of enthusiasm. Cheers to the holidays that put a little pizazz in our life! Follow me on Pinterest to see what else I’m loving this February that just didn’t make the edit. Will you attempt any of these Pins?! I’d love to hear your success stories!!

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