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Being a Mom makes me a bad friend, Sorry not Sorry.

As stated before, I was the first of my friends to have a child. With this came a lot of guilt in the friendship department. Those of us who have close friends and relationships know that friendship takes some work. Friendships also take something that most moms truly don’t have, which is time.

Being a Mom makes me a bad friend, Sorry not Sorry | East Valley Moms BlogI don’t have siblings close in age to me, so my friendships have always been a huge priority for me, but in all honesty, when I had my daughter, they fell to the wayside. Not because I didn’t care, or stopped loving my friends, I just found my life and priorities had just changed a bit.

Gone were the days of going to get a relaxing pedicure whenever we had some free time. Or putzing around the mall wondering what we were going to wear for whatever fun occasion we had next. Times had changed my friends, so if we wanted to go to the mall together, we still could, but we needed to go in between nap times and be okay with at least one toddler tantrum or baby meltdown happening. Life is a little bit harder to plan, but I wouldn’t change a single second of any of it. 

My point here is this- your friends with young children, we aren’t okay. We are facing new obstacles everyday. If we don’t text you back- don’t take it personally. If we forgot what day you were starting your new job or moving into your new house, it’s not because we don’t care. We truly still care and love you. We are doing our very best to still be a great friend. We know someday (hopefully) you’ll understand our struggles. You’ll be the one with the toddler tantrums and we will try our best to give you the break we know you deserve. We still care as much as we always have, but being a mom has made us a crappy friend. Stick with us, we promise as our kids start to grow- we will get some sanity back and remember how to be a great (okay, maybe just good) friend again.  


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