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Why there’s no Elf on my Shelf

On the surface, Elf on the Shelf is just my kind of thing. When I was on maternity leave with my youngest baby, for instance, I would set up my oldest daughter’s Minnie Mouse in various scenarios around the house every day while she was at preschool. Occasionally I pack my kids a Pinterest-worthy lunch. […]

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My girls in my hometown in Northern California this summer.

Finding Our Village

I grew up in a small town. Small as in, our first stoplight went up when I was in high school (today there are two) and it was 90 miles to the nearest Target. I don’t know if it’s the fact some of my closest friends moved back home, the 10 days I spent there […]

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Pumpkin in Reno when we skipped school for a family wedding. My kids will most likely never have perfect attendance. And that's OK.

Imperfect attendance and why it’s OK

Whenever I’m at a school awards assembly and they announce the perfect attendance awards, I cringe. I know chronic absenteeism is a real problem and the underlying causes need to be addressed. That isn’t what I’m talking about.  My kids will never be the ones recognized at the end of the year for never missing a day […]

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