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Non Traditional Traditions During the Holidays

Non Traditional Traditions During the Holidays

There are many different traditions we have, but there are many I would consider “traditional” traditions. Most people make Christmas cookies and put them out for Santa, watch whatever Christmas movie they love and drink hot chocolate, or go driving around looking at Christmas lights. However throughout the years, I’ve heard of some non-traditional traditions […]

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we failed and that's okay

We Failed and That’s Okay

I screwed up with my kid. I made the wrong choice and it negatively impacted him and now…he’s okay. We recently made the wrong choice for oldest son. We had some reservations and we had been given warnings, but ultimately we felt that what we were doing would benefit him. We tried it for a […]

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Not Accepting Help When I Should | East Valley Moms Blog

Not Accepting Help When I Should

Accepting help when I should is not a new concept to me, but sometime I just can’t. What isn’t new is having a “threenager.” My third one in less than three years. Yet, when my child starts foaming at the mouth because we have to leave the playground, I die a little inside. (Mind you, […]

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Preschooler goodbye

Goodbye Preschool

This month I say goodbye to having all preschoolers. My oldest becomes a school aged kid, and I am not ready. I know I am not the only parent who has dealt with the sadness in transitioning their child to kindergarten and I know there are plenty of parents who are so excited to see […]

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Arizona Barbecue

Best AZ BBQ From an AZ Girl

Growing up in Arizona with a grandpa that was a semi-self proclaimed cowboy, I grew up eating a lot of BBQ, and good BBQ. We may not be St Louis, Memphis, or even the Lone Star State, but I feel that Arizona has great BBQ and it is uniquely AZ. Being a mom of four […]

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