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Applying Grace to Your Life


Late last year I picked a word for 2017 and it was Grace. This was a word that kept coming up in conversations I was having with friends or a topic at events I was attending; I thought this must be something that I need to learn more about. When talking with friends about this, she recommended a book called Grace Not Perfection by Emily Ley. This beautiful pink book was calling my name!  I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to get started reading. Just last month I had the pleasure of taking a work trip, which means quiet time! For me, this was much needed “me time” even though the days were a busy 12 hours filled with presentations and networking.  I decided to bring my book for the plane ride and was able to finish the book quickly. The book covered areas that we need to give grace in: yourself, your people and how to love the season of life your in.

Chapter 1: Grace with Yourself

The first chapter opened up with the very topic of giving YOURSELF Grace. As I read through the first chapter I quickly realized that my Type A personality comes with little room for Grace for myself, as well as in other which I’ll learn more about in later chapters.  I am a mom to a 2 year-old boy, newly pregnant, working part-time (3 days per week) as a Registered Dietitian, I volunteer at church, and I work on a small social media project for a friend. Needless to say I am typically always working on something. However, I found myself thinking “what’s next” and “is that enough?” Luckily a very kind friend reminded me that it is and asked me why I thought is was not. That made me really start to think about, am I fulfilled in where I spend my time and energy? A good reminder to think back about what I learned from reading The Best Yes by Lysa TerKeurst – that the only way to truly give of your time and talents to those around you is to not commit to everything. Sounds simple…but can be very difficult for this “yes” girl!

Don’t we all need to reminded once in a while that it’s ok to not be busy ALL THE TIME!

Chapter 13: Mommy Guilt is a Liar

One of the last chapters was titled “Mommy Guilt is a Liar.” Isn’t that something that we all need to hear over and over! The author placed 3 questions in the book to ask yourself. I felt these questions were to the point and simple.

  1. Do you love your children?
  2. Do you make loving and caring for your people a priority?
  3. Are you making the best decisions you can for your family?

If you answered yes to these questions then you are more than a good mom, you are a great mom! It’s time to set the negative talking aside and remember that you are doing the best.

Often times I have to keep reminding myself, I need to do what works best for our family, even if it’s not what the blog or book said to do. I am learning that I need to be giving myself Grace for not being able to attend certain events with my son because I’m working or when I feel my patience dwindle  by 9am from constant whining. I am learning as I travel down this parenting road knowing that I am doing my best; as are you friend!

Finally at the closing of the book, Emily Ley wrote “Give into the crazy. Because without it, you won’t find real joy. You’ll find styled joy. Staged joy. You know, the social media picture of life.”

Give Grace to yourself as well as to those you love! 


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