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A thrifty mom’s picks for saving $$

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Hi, you! I hope you are doing awesome right now!  I am ready and super psyched to be here! I’m going to start my contributor life by sharing something very dear to my heart.

Saving money. cha-ching!

Don’t get me wrong, my 3 children and husband are at the top of the list but i just love the rush of getting something on sale or knowing i paid half for something that others paid full price for.  Am i right? You know you love it too.  I’m 99.9% positive that we all love an amazing deal.

My sweet husband has had to live the effects of my thriftiness. Bless him for it. He knows my love language now though, “Honey, i got in on sale!”, and extra points for him if its 50% off or more! 🙂

Having a family can be expensive. So, I’m always on the hunt for a good deal.  There are so many places to help you save!  Here are a few of my favorite places that I turn to, that makes my wallet happy, when i need or “need” something.


– Amazon
When my husband discovered amazon i knew i was in trouble,
but thankfully they always have amazing deals so I’m a happy camper. If you have prime you have access to Amazon pantry.  They ship grocery items right to your door!
And moms you can sign up for a Free 30 day Prime Membership (free shipping)
and that also gets you 20% off when you buy diapers. SCORE!


You might be thinking, not the cheapest.
First, head straight to the dollar sections. I heart it so much.
But did you know that at the end cap of most isles is where you can find clearance items?!
I’ve found some amazing deals there.  They also have the Target Cartwheel phone app to use for extra savings, WIN!

I love their home decor section. Art, tables, benches…oh my!
It can be hard to say no sometimes because the price is screaming, YES!
I can spend hours in there, if my kids would allow it.
Stores are located all over the valley!


– 360 Thrift
If you’ve been to this thrift store then, YOU KNOW! There is only one in the valley, it’s in Mesa.  I drive 40 minutes to go here and i have yet to be disappointed.
Their prices are right up my ally and they have an awesome kids/baby section.
Plus, they have a loyalty card, every $10 spent you get a stamp, when you get 10, you get $10 off your next purchase.
I have lost count how many times I’ve filled my card.

With any store you go to, scout the clearance first, see if they have what you are looking for. You might be surprised at what you can find!  You can see me at any one of these places at least once a week and I’m on Amazon daily.   It makes me smile knowing that i didn’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get what i need or “need”.  I take pride in being a thrifty mom, wife, woman.

Thanks for reading and happy savings!!

Where to you shop to save?  Let us know in the comments! 

TIP: Don’t be afraid to buy an item that it a little dinged or torn, ask if you can get a discount (if its not already) chances are you’ll get one.  Even with my limited crafting skills i can fix up an item myself and save money. 

**Views expressed are my own and i was not compensated.**

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