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A Makeup Mystery

There is a makeup mystery to be solved right under your nose. Every makeup or skincare product you put your hands contains the clues. You may have seen them while reading labels while taking care of your #2 business or maybe you actually pay attention to what your labels say. There are some pretty “emoji” like symbols on your products and you need to pay attention! Let’s take a look at what they are and what they mean.

makeupPeriod After  Opening (PAO)

It’s the open jar “emoji” with a number on it. The number is the months a product is good for after it has been opened. Beauty connoisseurs should really pay attention to this especially with skincare products because they may lose their effectiveness.

The Leaping Bunny

This is one of my favorites! It depicts a bunny leaping. This means the product has been certified cruelty free by Leaping Bunny Program.  There is a lot that goes into meeting the Leaping Bunny standard. Consumers can rest assured that the product has not been tested on animals at ANY stage of development.  You can also look for the bunny with the pink ears. That is PETA’s symbol for being cruelty free.

NSF Organic Seal or USDA Organic

If you are eating an organic diet shouldn’t you be using organic products on your body? Makes sense to me! You can search for products that carry NSF seal and rest assured your product is 70% organic. The National Sanitation Foundation created this standard because “organic” was usually only used when referring to food.

The Green “Mobius Loop”

This means the product packaging is recyclable. If there is a circle around the loop with a number in the middle it means that the package is made with a certain type of resin and should be recycled accordingly. This is probably the most widely used symbol seen on product packaging.


It’s flammable, don’t put near a flame. Otherwise you will end up with burnt eyebrows or no hair.

Refer to Insert

I didn’t think any of my products had this symbol but after taking a look at my products I found many. This simply means you should read the insert that came in the original package for expanded information.  Your actual package probably has limited information on it.

The bottom line is that an informed consumer is a smart consumer. If you know what your labels mean then you can make better purchases and maybe have some extra cash in the bank!


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