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5 “Worth it” Splurges for the Stay at Home Mama

Five Worth it Splurges for the Stay-at-Home Mom | East Valley Moms Blog


When my oldest turned 18 months, I began my one year stint as a full-time working mom. There were so many emotions that accompanied my decision to start working–guilt, sadness, excitement. But, one feeling rose above the rest–relief. I was amazed at the difference a second income made in my day to day life. With our combined incomes, my husband and I were able to move out of our tiny apartment and buy a house. Our son finally had a backyard to play in. We were able to furnish our new home with furniture we loved. I didn’t think twice when we loaded up the car to go out for dinner. When I had my second son a year later, however, I was ready to be back home with my babies. After lots of thought and budgeting, we decided that quitting my job was best for our family, even if it meant our lifestyle would change. And change it did. Going from one child to two, and two incomes to one, completely redefined our priorities. These days, online shopping has turned into placing items into my cart before laughing and closing my tabs. That being said, there are still 5 splurges that are 100% worth it for my one income family. 

Five Worth It Splurges for the Stay-at-Home Mom | East Valley Moms Blog

1.Dates with my Brow Lady

Okay, this is pretty superficial, but ya’ll it is necessary. When we became a single income family, a lot of luxuries had to go. Need a pedicure? I’ve got some sugar, coconut oil, and a bit of polish. Skin care? I open up Pinterest and scroll through DIY facials. I haven’t had my hair done in two and a half years, but am a wiz at trimming my split ends with nail scissors (it always ends up in the mom bun anyway, right?) But my eyebrows I leave to the professional. Every five weeks, I walk into her studio, I lay down (without a child climbing on top of me), close my eyes (read: almost fall asleep), and walk out feeling like a new woman. Move over, Beyonce. Mama’s back. 

2. A Gym Membership

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a member of any fancy pants gym. You know the ones: wheat grass shots at the entrance and a guy named Fabio that convinces you to sign up for a billion dollar personal training session. These places, while incredibly nice, just do not fit my style or my budget. I joined my local rec. center this year and am loving it. I found an instructor that I am head over heels for, and plan my gym time in accordance with her coaching schedule (included in my membership.) They also have an affordable childcare on site and my three year old begs to go. When I need a little motivation, I ask if he wants to go to Kiddy Korner later, and you better believe he doesn’t forget. I feel so much better when I get to the gym a couple of times a week. The hour and a half that I spend working on myself, without having to care for anyone else is necessary for my sanity after being home all day, every day.  

3. Zoo/Museum Membership

To be fair, our zoo and museum memberships were Christmas gifts, but I’m still putting them here because I will 100% renew them when they expire. If you’re a stay at home mom, you know how the day to day can get to be a little (how to say this nicely?) soul sucking. It feels so nice to be able to get out of the house and go visit the animals at the Phoenix Zoo. Or, when the weather is the surface of the sun, we drive down to the idea Museum in Mesa.We probably go twice a month which pays for our membership a few times over. These outings are thrilling for my kids, and even better, they wear them out. By the time we get home, they are ready to eat and hit the hay. It sure beats watching another episode of Paw Patrol.  

4. Clicklist

Oh, mama. The grocery gods were smiling when Clicklist was created. When we start running low on our staples, I hop online and place my grocery order. Then, either that day or the next, I load the kids in the car and drive to Fry’s. When I park, I don’t juggle two kids through the parking lot. I don’t search for the car-shaped shopping cart, and listen to the despair when there isn’t one available. I don’t dodge meltdowns like a ninja. And I definitely don’t have to risk it all to return my cart to the corral. Nope. I sit, in my nice air conditioned car while my new best friend Seth loads my groceries into the trunk. This is living, ladies. 

5. Housecleaner

So, last week I had my house professionally cleaned for the first time ever. You guys, WHY DID NOBODY TELL ME ABOUT THIS? I can’t even tell you the relief I felt when I walked into my sparkling clean home. Every nagging thought I had (baseboards, baseboards, look at your baseboards) instantly vanished. So this is how the other side lives. Delegating this task saved me hours (honestly, probably days.) My time was actually mine again. Now this is a bigger splurge for our single income family, but let me tell you, it is one we’ll make every few months. Seriously, I don’t remember the last time I felt so giddy. Is this adulting?

What are some of your worth it splurges?

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