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40 Creative + Unique EASY Costume Ideas for Your Little


Holy mother of all Halloween posts! This is by far one of my most favorite posts to prep for. I have been secretly stashing these adorable unique and creative costumes for sometime now, its finally my turn to share my list with all of you!

Regardless of how you celebrate Holloween (if you do), this post will surely spark some ideas for dressing your little one this year. And as an extra perk, these aren’t too far fetched! I tried to have a busy Mama mindset while selecting my favorites for you. At the bottom of this post, you will find other ways to doll up your little (or even yourself!) so make sure you make it all the way through the post! Have another unique and creative costume for me to share? Let me know in the comments below!

1. A bowl of spaghetti and meatballs!

Someone pass me the garlic bread! Is this not just the cutest thing ever?


2. Super cute DIY Emoji!

Emoji Costume via LaurDIY

Image: via LaurDIY

Okay so this image isn’t a cute baby picture like spaghetti above… BUT stay with me… I think this would be so easy to replicate for a baby, toddler or kido. Check out the video from LaurDIY on YouTube by clicking here. Easy, easy, easy.


3. Richard Simmons

It's my first Halloween! #RichardSimmons aka #gentryhudson

A photo posted by Blogger ? B R E • (@thesentimentalmama) on

I’m sure the parental units wouldn’t mind dressing up as one of Richard Simmons backup dancers… 😉


4. Colonel Sanders is that you?

KFC Colonel Sanders Halloween Costume

Image: via Costume Works

Tell me this little man isn’t just the cutest! So easy to replicate too! For more info on this costume click here.


5. Its a CRAZY cat lady!

Crazy Cat Lady Costume

Image: via Costume Works

What an EASY and QUICK DIY you can throw together and its hilarious at the same time! I can also see this equally amazing as a baby or toddler costume! Want more info on this costume, click here.


6. Stylish Snail Costume

Stylish Snail Costume

Image: via Oh Happy Day

A snail. Now why didn’t I think of this! So easy to replicate and so easy to tweak to your own style. This costume would obviously work best for our little walking littles as the shell part would be… smashed if it was on a baby 🙂 Click here for this great tutorial from Oh Happy Day.


7. Super Sweet Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy Costume

Image: via Costume Works

Does your little have a sweet tooth like mine does? Doll them up in their favorite candy… Cotton Candy! Not only is this stinkin’ ADORABLE but so easy to DIY! Click here for more info on this particular costume.


8. That’s What a Hamburger’s…. All About!

In n out costume

Image: via Gina Lee Photo


9. A Giggly-Wiggly Octopus

Giggly Wiggly Octopus Costume

Image: via Costume Works

Okay so I have a confession. This little Giggly Wiggly Octopus is Miss Natalie right from our area in the East Valley! She is my girlfriend, Emily’s little girl. Ever since Emily posted this Octopus costume on Costume Works, it has been a viral sensation. Emily is so SO crafty and creative and she flexed her skills and made this costume happen! Adorable right?


10. Zack Morris – Saved by the Bell


11. Basket of Laundry

Basket of Laundry Costume

Image: via Costume Works


The load of laundry that you’d never complain about seeing! The only tweak I would make to this is just using a generic water bottle instead of Shout or another cleaner. This is also a great costume for those of you that live in colder climates! Would keep them super warm 🙂 To see more info on this costume, click here.


12. Bubbly Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath Costume

Image: via Style Me Pretty

And while I’m talking about cleaning stuff…. How about a Bubbly Bubble Bath! I loooooove this costume! I love it if you have a single child or multiples. I love that you can dress up your Radio Flyer or just have them walk as a bubbly bubble bath. If you check out the other images of this tutorial, they also included blowing bubbles – so creative! And threw in some bath stuff like loofahs and back scrubbers. Love it! Click here to find out how to create your own bubble bath costume.


13. A Nostalgic Troll Doll

Troll Costume

Image: via Jamilia Jean

Did you collect trolls as a child? Reminisce over those days by dolling up your little! How fun does that hair look? And SO easy to DIY! For more info on this costume click here.


14. Team USA Michael Phelps


15. Zack Galifianakis – The Hangover

#tbt to his birthday buddy @tug3000 's Halloween costume circa 2009 #isithalloweenyet #amonthofcostumes

A photo posted by Lauren Mancke (@laurenmancke) on


16. Super Awesome Spaceman

Spaceman Costume

Image: via Oh Happy Day

Doesn’t this costume look a little advanced? Technical? (no pun intended) Well check out the tutorial here because guess what, its not at ALL! Super easy to DIY!


17. Iris Apfel – New Yorker style icon


18. E.T.


19. Mr. Rogers

Mr. Rogers costume

Image: via Oh Happy Day


2o. Morton Salt

Morton Salt costume

Image: via Gina Lee Photo



21. Wind Up Doll

Wind Up Doll Costume

Image: via Hart + Sew


22. Work Out Baby

Work Out Baby Costume

Image: via Homemade by Jill


23. Photobooth Strip

Photobooth Strip costume

Image: via Oh Happy Day


24. Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura costume

Image: via zeb7 reddit


25. Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean Costume

Image: via Craig Baldo

Because we all know at least ONE bald baby that would make a GREAT Mr. Clean!


26.Its Jake…  #BeTheJake

Are you obsessed with the State Farm commercials as much as I am? This costume would be so easy to throw together!

27. #Hashtag#

Am I the only one that thinks of Justin Timberlake when I see hashtags?

28. Man-in-a-Canoe

Man in a Canoe

Image: via DIY Network

Where ya goin’ in that canoe, bud?

29. Juice Box

Juice box costume

Image: via Mer Mag


30. A Pineapple

Pineapple costume

Image: via Delia Creates

Such a fashionable pineapple! ARGH. I am obsessed.

31. Frida Kahlo

Frida Costume

Image: via Hello My Love

The cutest little Frida Kahlo de Rivera I ever did see!

32. Contestant on The Price Is Right

A Contestant on The Price Is Right costume

Image: via Gina Lee Photo

Bob Barker and Drew Carey would be so proud!

33. Jelly Belly Jellybeans

Jelly Belly halloween costume

Image: via The SITS Girls

For the little sugar in your life…


34. Scuba Divers


35. Kissing Booth


36. Oh Linus…

Linus Costume

Image: via SF Gate

37. Pac Man

Pac Man Costume

Image: via Effortless Chic

You have to flex your crafty skills for this a bit… but still super easy! And so nostalgic!


38. Willy Wonka

Who drank all the fizzy lifting drinks?


39. Dennis the Menace

Just STOP with all this cuteness! So SO easy to create this one yourself!


40. Stylish Cat

Cat costume

Image: via Sandy a La Mode


Do you LOVE DIY but don’t have the time to craft one up yourself? Here are some shops and blog posts to help you celebrate minus all of the cutting, gluing, and sewing!


Sarmon Designs

Image via Sarmon Designs

  • Sarmon Designs makes some great Halloween masks and even some superhero capes!


Bambino Amore

Image via Bambino Amore – Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz


  • Adorable Halloween aprons that would make even more adorable costumes via Bambino Amore.
Fancy Shmancy Baby

Image via Fancy Shmancy Baby – Turn this into a cute little Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte costume!


Papoose Clothing

Image via Papoose Clothing – Snow White perhaps?

  • Or turn one of these handmade beauties into your own special costume by adding some simple accessories via Papoose Clothing.


Subsidy Shades

Image via Subsidy Shades

  • Speaking of accessories here is a great shop that sells shades that you could easily pair with! via Subsidy Shades
Train Conductor Costume

Image: via AllAboardWhistle

For more Pinterest loving Halloween Pins, check out my Halloweenie Pinterest board. Get ready to repin some great ideas!

Whats your favorite costume here? Drop your favorite number below!

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40 Creative and Unique Halloween Costumes for Littles via East Valley Moms Blog

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