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2018 East Valley Moms Blog Contributor Call

We are ready to invite a new group of writers to join our amazing existing team, and are so excited to share more about this instrumental volunteer role. 


Our team is full of local East Valley & Phoenix moms who are passionate about building our community, busting mom stereotypes, and connecting to other parents online and off. Learn more about what it takes to be on our team, and apply today!


What do I get out of this?

Special team only events, a professional headshot, network marketing with other local writers, bloggers and small businesses, support in editing, training in social media, the opportunity to represent your community. But the most valuable thing we can offer, according to our current team, is the stronger sense of community and opportunity to meet and bond with other people with varied backgrounds and lifestyles. 

Do I need to be a writer?

No! We want people with interesting lives, backgrounds, and perspectives on parenthood. We want people who are willing to connect to others, who are eager to grow their personal support system, and who believe in the motto, “better together”. We can train you on how to blog! We do expect prompt communication however.


What is expected of me?

  • Submit one *unique* blog post a month (ideally 500-800 words long). (We do not accept previously published content.)
  • Be on Facebook (for team communication and social engagement)
  • Commit to us for one year.
  • Be comfortable with social media and tech, generally.

Do you give me topics, or do I come up with them on my own?

We have a calendar with topics you can use if you’re stuck, but what we love most is for you to write about whatever you’d like!  Personal and relatable mom stories is what our readers love the most!

What do I write about?

We do ask that our posts focus on parenthood, partnership, friendship, and of course the East Valley & Phoenix!

How do I apply?

Application is super simple, all online, and linked below. We ask that all applicants include a previously unpublished blog post or written piece for us to review as your sample (you can include more if you want, but one is required). If you are invited to join the team, and choose to do so, we will use this first piece as your submission for March (so you are able to hit the ground running!).

Your sample should be:

  • between 300-800 words (less is more!)
  • well-edited
  • topical to parenthood
  • topical to East Valley/Phoenix living
  • profanity-free


Applicant Deadline:: January 31, 2018 

You will be notified that we received your submission via an email from [email protected]

All applicants will be notified of their status by Friday, February 2, 2018.  If selected you must be available TWO evenings in the month of February.  Once for an online training call(TBD) and once for team photos.  Team Photos will be Saturday, 2/17 from 9:30-11:30 am in downtown chandler 


2018 Contributor Call

  • Are you a crunchy mom, working mom, stay-at-home mom, blended family mom, adoptive mom, special needs mom, etc. Tell us!
  • Social Media

    Sharing truly is caring! The ability and WILLINGNESS to regularly share your blog posts, EVMB information as well as comment on fellow writers posts helps organically boost posts! Below you will be asked to input LINKS to your social media profiles. (please include links and not just your social media handle).
  • Best Practices: submit 300-800 well edited words. No cursing. No politics. Not plagiarized (yes, we check!). If you are brought onto the team we will publish this submission in March as your first blog post! Please read our blog articles before submitting content to see what type of work we typically publish.


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