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10 Things I Should Have Put On My Baby Registry

10 Things I Should Have Put on my Baby Registry

As a first-time parent, there is such an overwhelming amount of information out there on baby products.  Parenting, sleep skills, feeding tips…the list goes on. But there comes that moment when you make your baby registry. Some might choose to do it online, while others might go into a store and use a scanner to add items. It is an exciting time, but also very overwhelming. I remember when I arrived at Buy Buy Baby and they gave me a huge list of things I should add to my registry. I remember reading some of the items and wondering what it was or telling myself I need to do research on what brand or item was the best.

A majority of the items that were on my registry were necessities. There were, however, several that I realized I did not really need and could do without it. As a first-time mom, the amount of research I have done on baby products is absolutely ridiculous.  I can assure you the items I am going to share with you are essentials.

There are 10 items I have purchased since she has been born, that I have found life changing. I wish I would have put them on my registry, or someone would have told me I really needed them. So here there are. I hope you new moms (or veteran mommas) find these items as helpful as I have!

Also, I lied, there are 11 items. I couldn’t narrow it down to 10.

  1. Nested Bean Swaddle

There are a million swaddles out there. I found the best results with this one. It is weighted, so it makes the baby feel as if your hand is on their chest, while still be snuggled up in a swaddle. When transitioning from the swaddle, they have an arms free one as well that I also use. These swaddles range from $30-$40.

  1. Fridababy Nose Frida

I bought about 3 of the nose bulb/suckers, because people would tell me how often I would be using them. Shortly after my daughter came home, I realized we both did not like these “bulbs.” After doing research, this is what I found. I think it “sucks” a lot better and it isn’t as much of a battle to clear out her nose. Price: $15.99.

  1. Marcap Hushh Sound Machine

I came home with only a battery operated, traveling sound machine. I didn’t realize how much of a necessity a sound machine was. This by far is the best purchase I have ever made. It doesn’t have an automatic shut off which is nice when using on the go. I had better results with this machine as opposed to others. Price: $30.

  1. Taking Cara Babies (credits)

Taking Cara Babies is a website that is run by a neonatal nurse. She offers sleep classes for babies of varies ages. She also has an Instagram and blog post. This website has been my bible since I brought home my daughter. She offers gift cards so you can buy credits for new moms. Her classes are amazing and have really helped with our sleep struggles. Her classes vary from $34-$200.

  1. Bibs Binky

My daughter was not a fan of the binky at first, so I never really tried to use one. When sleep became a struggle, my sister-in-law told me about these bibs’ binkies. These binkies are BPA free and the most natural, rubber nipple. My daughter has not taken any other binky except for these. Price:  $14.99.

  1. 2-in-1 Activity Table

I have to admit, this in an obvious one that people DO add to their registries. For whatever reason, I thought I would have plenty of other things to entertain my daughter and didn’t think I needed one. When Rylin was about 2 months old, she was stretching and extending her legs and always wanted to be standing up. Finally, I found one of these activity tables and thought it would be good for her. She was able to balance very quickly and entertain herself. I also liked the idea that it changed into a play table when she grew out of it. It can easily transport from room to room and is so fun to watch her little mind at work. I’m sure any activity table would work great, I just wanted a gender-neutral, simple one. Price: $65.

  1. Water Mat for Tummy Time

Most babies are not fans of tummy time in the beginning. I saw an AD for this on Instagram and was very intrigued. My daughter is obsessed with it. This makes tummy time last a lot longer because she can see the water and pictures in front of her. It keeps her interest and helps her practice tummy time. Price: $10.

  1. Otteroo

This was something I found as an AD on Instagram. I was trying to find other ideas to do with her during her awake time besides the usual activities. When you first look at the picture, most freak out and wonder the safety. It is NOT at all tight around their necks and is considered safe. My daughter loves this and splashes around like crazy when we use it. Price: $17.50.

  1. Boppy Nursing Pillow

This item was the only one I did have on my registry. But I feel like a lot of people think they don’t need it, which may be the case for some, but I loved it! It made breastfeeding a lot easier (especially for those night feedings.) I stopped using this when my daughter was about 2 months old, but now I use it for her to practice tummy time and sitting up. Price: $40.

  1. NUK Bottle Simply Natural

My daughter has been one of those babies who has refused to take the bottle. This started around 3 months, after she had the bottle multiple times. After trying many different bottles and nipples, this one seemed to work the best. It has the most resemblance to a mom’s nipple and flow. We found the most success with this bottle. Price: $8.59.

  1. Infantino Carrier

I had multiple baby wraps on my registry. There wraps were a long piece of cloth that wrapped around your body. After watching many tutorials, I finally figured out how to get her safely inside. Neither one of us liked those wraps. I wanted a wrap that felt more secure and one I could face her forward. My daughter is an extremely curious baby (as all are) and wanted to see what was going on. I use this on a daily basis to do things around the house, hike, or use for our walks. This is a must have! Price: $29.88.

What are your new baby must haves?  

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