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10 Reasons Why Dads Are Awesome

 As Father’s Day approaches let’s celebrate just a few reason’s why Dads are awesome!

  1.  They kill spiders…and any kind of bug you think is going to eat you (ever seen a potato bug? Also known as the Jerusalem Bug, aka R.L. Steins scariest bug ever. Yup, Dad will take good care of protecting you from that little scream fest.)

       2.  They teach you how to survive a zombie apocalypse…(enough said)

       3.  Dad humor. (Farting is ALWAYS funny. Always.)

       4.  They go to great lengths to protect us.  (Ghost in the closet? No problem. A boy breaks your heart? Again, no problem.)

       5.  They always forgive you. (Remember that one time when you were 2 and you put pretty stickers all over your Dad’s new car because you wanted to make it look “pretty”?)

       6.  They play dress up. (Winning little hearts all around the world!)

       7.  They roughhouse. (Who doesn’t love being thrown in the air when they’re little and having a good ol’ WWE wrestling match in the living room?)


       8.  They don’t sweat the small stuff. (Just squirted ketchup on your new shirt? No big deal.  Wipe it off with the remainder of your hot dog. Life could be worse.)

       9.  They carry us to bed when we fall asleep.

       10.  They teach us everything they know. (Best gift ever!)


Thank you to all you awesome Dads out there!

Happy Father’s Day!

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