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Its Lonely Being Me

It’s Lonely Being Me

No matter how you cut it, being a mom is hard and can be lonely. Whether working or staying at home (maybe even a bit of both!) it is hard. An equal amount of cons and pros for both, each with their rewards and difficulties.  Leading up to having our first child I worked in […]

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Fear of the Unknown

Fear Of The Unknown

What are one of your biggest fears being parent? Mine? The thought of my 9 month old getting sick. She has yet to be sick, and to walk into a friends house to realize their 7 month old was sick, scared me! I about ran for the door. As a first time mom that thought […]

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Earth Day -Tabitha Dumas for East Valley Moms Blog 3 (1)

Earth Day For Lazy Moms

Of course we’re not lazy, we’re just…moms. If you clicked on this, maybe you’re like me and a little too distracted to plant a tree or visit a state park for Earth Day on Sunday, April 22 but you want to do something. My kids are 12, eight and five months so my days are […]

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