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mom fuel

What’s Your Mom Fuel?

What’s your mom fuel? Coffee? Yoga? Photography? Or, perhaps you’re like me and it’s makeup (and coffee and wine, too). Whatever your mom fuel is, I hope you remind yourself that you need it. I hope you never forget about what you love that belongs only to you. I hope it keeps you centered, keeps […]

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Unprepared for Motherhood

Unprepared for Motherhood

I was so unprepared for motherhood. Nothing prepares you. Sure you can read the books, go to the classes and seek advice from veteran mommas. But until you are holding your baby for the first time, dealing with the sleepless nights, milk supply issues, first ear infection, overwhelming love and all of the other milestones […]

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Star Wars Day Featured

Star Wars Day

My daughter has a Star Wars obsession.I was up late the night before “Favorite Book Character Day” at school, cutting up an old sheet to turn it into a Rey costume for my 5-year-old to wear the next morning.  When she was given a new daily schedule and needed a new alarm clock to ensure she […]

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Why I'm Choosing JOMO

Why I’m Choosing JOMO

These day’s there’s an acronym for everything, I feel like I’m searching a new one every week to see what it means. Perhaps you’re familiar with FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and as Tammy writes here, the FOMO struggle is real! It’s becoming increasingly harder to fight this urge with the presence of social media at […]

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