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Fall Fashion Trends I Can and Literally Can't Get Behind | East Valley Moms Blog

Fall fashion trends I can and literally can’t get behind

Fall fashion trends I can and literally can’t get behind According to one source, Cosmopolitan, the top 13 fall fashion trends are(using their words): fringe, fun fur, bedtime stories, florals, glitter bomb, cloth of gold, hot mess, leather pants, supersized shearling, one shoulder, patchwork, neutral plaids, & political slogans. Harper Bazaar says the top 14 […]

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The Shopping Cart Dilemma | East Valley Moms Blog

The shopping cart dilemma: Return it or Leave it

I have to keep talking about this right now, because apparently shopping cart issues is something we take very seriously in the East Valley.  When taking over EVMB instagram, I shared my strong opinions about rogue shopping carts in parking lots, over instastories.  I have felt very passionate about this subject for many years.  It's [...]
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Can we have Best Friends Forever. Well, I think yes and no. I don’t have a best friend outside of my family. I did at one time, but one day things changed, after 10 years of being friends and she didn’t want to be my friend anymore. It was the most painful breakup I have […]

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Wonderland Montessori Academy {SPONSORED}

Although we provide services for the entire family unit, our program is based on education and development. The foundation is respect for the child’s whole being, allowing him or her to explore, learn and grow intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. We believe this is the best way for children to reach their full potential. This [...]
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