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After School Snacks Your Kids Can Make

After School Snacks Your Kids Can Make

School is back in session, routines are in place, and my kid’s appetite seem to quadruple. I’ll be honest, I gave into the laziness of Summer and slacked in the ‘snacking’ department these past few months. Mostly because my kitchen was under a complete renovation, and not having a schedule that we needed to adhere […]

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The Shopping Cart Dilemma | East Valley Moms Blog

The shopping cart dilemma: Return it or Leave it

I have to keep talking about this right now, because apparently shopping cart issues is something we take very seriously in the East Valley.  When taking over EVMB instagram, I shared my strong opinions about rogue shopping carts in parking lots, over instastories.  I have felt very passionate about this subject for many years.  It's [...]
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