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Rock the Mom Uniform: Summer Edition

Summer is here! The temperatures are rising, the kids are out of school, and we are entering a season where our routines change. I’m the type of mom that gets seriously dressed every single day. It’s just the way I operate and a way that I feel my best. I work with what’s in my closet, look for inspiration online and in magazines to make what I already have look fresh, and take good care of my clothes. I also really truly believe that if you are comfortable and put together, you will radiate that. But seriously, some of closest friends are just not into getting jazzed up every day! And that’s totally fine by me. Whatever floats your boat! But if you are a mom like me who appreciates some daily glam, here are some easy ideas to freshen your summer “Look.”



Jenny's Uniform

Jenny’s Uniform


EVERYDAY: First, Sunscreen!! Here’s my dermatologist’s favorite. I also have a go-to look for when anything comes up. My suggestion is to spend some time really thinking about what you like to wear, what looks flattering, and what’s appropriate for your lifestyle. Here is a shameless selfie of me in my current “uniform.” This outfit will be on high rotation this summer. Off the shoulder top, loose shorts, big mom handbag and a good wedge!


Chic Cover-up

Chic Cover-up

Pool/Splashpad/Beach Day: Here in Arizona, I firmly believe that no matter what size or shape your body is, you should rock a swimsuit! Period. I believe women look better and more confident in a true swimsuit than covered up in board shorts or baggy t-shirts. I love a well-fitting one piece with a chic coverup! There are so many great affordable options at Tar-jay & TJ Maxx. I love to browse Nordstrom or Shopbop online to find a look that will work for me,  then shop for a similar style that is lower priced. At the beginning of every summer, I buy one good coverup and one good suit. Pair with a cute hat, some statement earrings and a basic flip flop.

Chambray Bow Top

Chambray Bow Top

Movies/Trampoline Park/Museum: This is where I get super uniform-y! My friend Christi has the best mom style I know, and I realized that maybe that’s because she basically wears the same thing every time we get together. Jean shorts, tank top, fancy flip flop, and lots of fun jewelry. She curls her hair, has a good lipgloss on and looks incredibly pulled together. I love this, this and these bow sandals! I literally wear those bow sandals from Garage Boutique in Old Town Scottsdale every day of my life!  

White Jeans Look

White Jeans Look

Summer Date Night: Two Words: White Jeans. I have a little secret to share with you. You do not, absolutely do not, have to be thin to wear jeans! If you find a good pair with decent stretch, they are actually slimming. Nothing better than a white jean, fun top, and a good wedge!!! I love to search for looks on Pinterest, and I found this one-totally love!

Maxi Dress

Meet the Teacher: In my house, Meet the Teacher is a big deal! It symbolizes the end of summer, a fresh new start, and a chance to get really excited and the school you’ve chosen to send your babies to. This is the perfect Maxi dress and flat sandal time!!!


Stylish Sweatpants

Stylish Sweatpants

Craft Time/In the Kitchen/General At Home Mom-ing: One area of my wardrobe that is in major need of updating is my around the house/lounge wear. It has suffered from years of neglect. Ideally, I would love to look pulled together & feminine while doing the mom thing in the late afternoons and evenings. Instead, I find myself in college tshirts and leggings. My goal this summer is to put on some shorts or stylish (*key word stylish!) sweat pants, a basic white tshirt, and slowly overhaul my around the house gear.


Mom Life Mother Trucker

Workout Time: Ok, Ok, this one is pretty easy to come up with. We all know mom’s love our athleisure wear. I try, and then try again, to keep my gym clothes to actual working out time. My girl Lifestyle Jules swears by changing into “real clothes” every single day. But luckily, we are living in the most fantastic decade to embrace the yoga pant! My theory is to still look put together while rocking those Lulu’s, so I as a rule always have my hair done or a super cute hat, some good after-sweat session body spray (THE best scent, trust me) and lipgloss on if (and WHEN) I default to going around town in workout clothes.


Overall, summer is a great time to edit, edit, edit your look. Wear what you love, what you won’t be melting in, and take tons of pictures!! Head to our Pinterest page for more ideas that we have pinned especially for you THIS summer. Also, I’d love to help our readers if they have an event and don’t know what to wear! Leave a comment on this post, and we’ll get you looking your best this summer!!!

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