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Are you a Frozen Fanatic?


Hi. My name is Staci. And I am a Frozen Fanatic. (Sigh) I haven’t always been like this. It started innocently enough, last summer, when I saw a preview at a movie theater of a whimsical snowman being chased by a reindeer who wanted to eat his carrot nose. At that time I thought, this movie doesn’t look that interesting, but maybe it will be entertaining for the kids, so we will go see it once. Well played, Disney. I am four times in now. I have the soundtrack. And I have sadly passed my obsession down to my daughter, who now owns EVERY SINGLE FROZEN ITEM THAT EXISTS. If you are suffering along with me, and you or your children desperately need your Frozen fix, I have brought in reinforcements!


My daughter is already planning her Frozen party (for next January). It is really out of control. I know I am not the only one with this dilemma so I am conjuring ideas for what a Frozen party would be like. It’s harder than it sounds! Luckily, there is an amazing party planner right here in the east valley who can do all of it for me at a reasonable cost!

Elizabeth with Social Frills Party Planning is an east coast transplant who began her business after becoming a stay at home mom of twins. With a background as an English Teacher, she has always loved helping people, and now translates that passion into her colorful and versatile Etsy shop!

Elizabeth can create invites, favors, banners, thank yous, games, cupcake toppers and other party decor to seamlessly match any theme. The unique touch with Social Frills — all items are handmade. No digital images, so it really gives your party a personal touch.  For more information you can contact Elizabeth through her Etsy site or find her on Facebook! (PS, Elizabeth and her photographer Melissa Hunt are amazing and are currently helping me plan a superstar themed end of year party for my kindergartner!)





My little girl has A LOT of hair. We have been buying her bows since before she could walk, so when Frozen became a household word here, I knew we’d need a set of Elsa bows, STAT. I have trusted the same crafty creator with Sawyer’s hair accessories for three years now — Marsha with Handmade Hairbows by Marsha. I found Marsha on Etsy when I needed a custom set of bows made to match a dress in difficult to find colors. Before I knew it, Marsha had sent me three pictures to choose from and had even found bottlecap images to match my theme. And she’s quick. This all took place in minutes! She ships fast and packages arrive wrapped in a cute box with a bow for easy gifting. Marsha understands my craziest requests, after all she has two little girls herself. She started her business because she too couldn’t find the bows she really wanted for her kids. Well, many years later, business is booming! Marsha’s recent creations for us include uniform bows made to match school colors and our mascot, picture day bows and valentine’s day bows. Her Frozen ones, however, melt me for sure!

Facebook at:




Bubblegum necklaces are all the rage. Well in Kindergarten at least. And that’s my world currently, so I am hip to the trends.  It seems like every girl in Gilbert owns a bubblegum necklace, and much like the movie Frozen, they are addictive. You can’t own just one. Pretty soon, you need them in every color, style, theme…and when you think you’ve found the cutest one, guess again. That’s what happened when I found Mia Belle Boutique. The owner Karin is a former coworker of mine, and much like me, she has left the corporate world to be a full time mom and has found creative outlets for herself. She dabbles in a variety of mediums, but her own daughter inspired her to make gorgeous necklaces at a reasonable price. Mia Belle offers a perfect alternative to off the shelf neckwear. Why? The necklaces contain bottlecaps with clay decor. They have to be seen to believe how beautiful and custom this makes the necklaces look. We have given Karin’s necklaces as gifts to all my daughter’s friends (she owns several of her own too) and each is more special than the last!  To contact Karin or to see her current giveaway, visit her facebook page at:



I have recently found a company and owner that I absolutely love working with and her Frozen outfits are incredible. Her name is MaryRuth and her company, Sunbeam Road (found on Etsy) sparked my interest when I needed a golf outfit for my son who was competing in an adorable Itty Bitty Tournament. She made him a outfit that was personalized and exclusive to our taste. Her turnaround time was extraordinarily fast and the items are high quality. MaryRuth is in the process of creating Lego Movie shirts for us, and when she sent me pictures of her Frozen outfits, I knew they had to be shared.

Her cheerfully named store, symbolizing happiness and her family’s journey, can be found on Etsy and you can subscribe to her newsletter to view new items and order specialty outfits like her Frozen collection.


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Well, like me, I hope your thirst for all things Frozen has been quenched. For today. Tomorrow is another story!


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  1. Lynné Lemon March 16, 2014 at 3:32 pm #

    Great tips! The world does seem to be completely FROZEN!

  2. sony May 7, 2014 at 5:58 am #

    Good article, lots of new ideas

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