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8 Questions to Avoid in Facebook Mom Groups if You Want to Survive

Ya’ll know about Facebook groups, right? They’ve kind of taken the place of different forums and message boards that started popping up ad nauseum when the world wide web hit the big time in the late 90’s. There is a Facebook group for everything. In fact, there are Facebook groups ON HOW TO START AND RUN FACEBOOK GROUPS.


In between my membership in approximately 1000 LuLaRoe “online boutique” groups (they get you with those dang giveaways, don’t they?), my Catholic groups and my “how to grow your biz” groups, lies the Facebook mom groups. These groups are both a blessing and curse to us ladies. I mean where else would you find advice at 2:30 in morning when your baby just won’t stop crying, can’t breathe, and is retracting? Pro-mom tip: you’re gonna want to head on into the hospital for those symptoms, sister. 

However, there are certain questions and certain topics one must refrain from asking UNLESS taking the following precautions shared by my dear friend Ginny in the status update that sparked the idea for this article,

“Note to self: do not ever, ever, ever ask a question about a vaccine in a mom’s group.
Unless you have a flak jacket.
And a tank.”

Ah, yes. The age old vaccine debate. Don’t worry, we won’t touch that one with a ten-foot-pole here on EVMB, but there is nothing and I mean NOTHING guaranteed to start a raging Facebook debate more than vaccinations. Well, that might not have been the case in November. Ahem, e’rybody was crazy over number eight.

Questions not to ask in Facebook Mom Groups | East Valley Moms Blog

The snark (and the wine) was strong when I whipped up seven additional questions one might want to avoid in the Facebook mom group in order to survive with minimal damage and without questioning every single decision you have ever made during pregnancy and motherhood. If you have spent any significant time in the Facebook mom groups, then these should bring a little smile to your face because YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT:

1. Should I vaccinate my baby?

2. I’m 12 weeks pregnant and my doctor is recommending the flu shot. What should I do?

3.OH MY GOODNESS. You stay at home moms are so lucky! Since I work from home, I feel like I never get anything done. Your house must be so clean! Any tips?

4. Any tips on drying up your milk after birth? We are going straight to formula.

5. My baby is two weeks old and we tried CIO (cry it out) with no success. Any advice?

6. When’s the best time to circumcise my baby? In the hospital or at the pediatrician’s office?

7. My one-year-old is 20 pounds and I want to forward face her in the car. What car seat should I buy?

8.Trump or Hillary? Even though the election is over, this topic is still a little raw.

If you are looking to draw out the super passionate mamas with strong opinions, then, by all means, go forth with these topics. But if you’re just looking for a chill place on the Internet to ask some poop questions, stay far far away from the ones on this list.

What about you guys? What other questions do you see that get the feathers all riled and the keyboard ninjas on high alert?


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