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Healthy Mom Hacks for Holiday Survival | East Valley Moms Blog

Healthy Mom Hacks for Holiday Survival

Ah the holidays…it’s that time of year for thanks, togetherness, and total to-do list overload for moms everywhere. Of course the nature of the season is well intended but the expectations, planning and extra calendar additions can send even the most prepared matriarch into meltdown mode. If you’re like me, you can usually expect to […]

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Explaining Tragedy Around the Holidays

We live in a world now where news travels instantly and sometimes even before events are confirmed. While it can be helpful to have this information available, most of the time it feels overwhelming. I remember when the attacks on the world trade center happened, and the teachers had turned on the TV’s to the […]

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Kids Can Veto My Social Media EVMB Kristen Carter November

My Kids Can Veto My Social Media

Pretty early on in this parenting gig, I realized that I needed to ask my child’s permission to do things. First, it was rhetorical, like, “Can I shower now before you wake up?” (obviously I didn’t expect her to answer at 2.5 weeks old), but then as she grew, I learned to get her approval/give […]

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